Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Property is the Standard Indicating the Degree of Interventionism.

The most primal ingredient of the economy, according to the Divine Economy Model ©, is the recognition that property rights are human rights! The economy exists only because human beings exist. That sounds simplistic but it far more profound than that.

The human spirit expresses itself, and that expression then comes into existence. This replicates the creative power of God (known as "Be and it is") since 'we' are created in His Image. This is why the economy originates with the human. To carry the profound implications further, this is also why the economy is divine, because human beings are divine.

But the point of this posting is property. The status of property rights is tremendously significant. Property is the standard of measurement used to determine the degree of interventionism. It is the indicator showing how far we have gone towards socialism, and towards totalitarianism.

In the divine economy all intervention is a corruption. Interventionism is an act that robs the property rights from someone somewhere. It is an injustice and it is a violation of human rights.

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