Friday, March 10, 2006

Leisure is a Very Productive Pursuit!

Once basic subsistence is exceeded, human beings aspire to higher goals. One of these higher goals is the enjoyment of life called leisure. It is incorrect to think of leisure as unproductive because when a person does something that they enjoy they are likely to be very productive in that pursuit.

Leisure, it turns out, plays a significant role in transformation and so the effect it has on human capital cannot be discarded. All of a sudden leisure looks like a very productive force in the economy!

When we leave behind normative economics and recognize that the human operating system is praxeological and universal then we can begin to appreciate how the divine economy works as an expression of the human spirit. Leisure is a very important expression of the human spirit. Honoring the different forms of expression by finding how they fit into the divine economy model is a useful mental exercise that leads to a greater understanding of economics.

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