Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Imperfect Knowledge is an Economic Truth Extraordinaire!

The exciting aspect of imperfect knowledge is that it is a relative condition. It is always a relative condition, the economy is always in disequilibrium, and human beings are always imperfect but striving for higher degrees of perfection.

This is what makes knowledge so powerful. It is what resolves the critical aspects of our imperfect knowledge. Knowledge is the ingredient of the economic matrix that plays the role of overcoming our condition of imperfect knowledge.

It is by way of knowledge that order, transformation, unity, and justice become operational, according to the divine economy model. Knowledge is what serves as a foundation for law. And most vitally it is knowledge which is acted upon! The action then generates more knowledge (and exposure to more imperfect knowledge) which drives the perpetual cycle onward towards perfection!

As you can see 'imperfect knowledge' is not something that should be removed from economic models to make them manageable. Imperfect knowledge is a wonderful and glorious part of the human reality. The divine economy model rests firmly on the notion that humans are imperfect, striving for perfection.

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