Saturday, May 26, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Advances!

As the theory of the divine economy unfolded it became increasingly evident that the constructs of contemporary economics were rigid, and frankly, obsolete! As such they were more like barriers than constructs.

The power of science (not 'science' that merely upholds tradition) is to break through barriers and to extend into the unknown - armed with the tool of scientific methodology - unlocking secrets, opening doors, and discovering new aspects of reality.

That is why economic science has advanced in recent years. First the concept of the divine economy theory crystalized in the Divine Economy Model ©. Next the theory of the divine economy advanced into the realm of individual action and was graphically delineated by the Divine Microeconomy Model ©.

Now the limits of economic science that are boxed in by tradition and corrupted by ego-driven interventionists are shattered! That is what is done in the new book, ETHICS of the Divine Economy. The Model of the Ethics of the Divine Economy © serves as a foundation and it brings together the history of human advancement and the ability to recognize cause and effect.

So it is true that the theory of the divine economy has advanced but this is just the beginning. It is embryonic. Advancement will know no bounds for a very long time.

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