Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Laissez-faire Has A Pure Form And Origin.

If you ponder things one of your discoveries will be that most everything has a pure form and then there are all of the various tainted forms or derivations. For example, consider water. Even drinkable water may not be technically pure but it is pure enough and it is purer than parking lot runoff.

The use of the term laissez-faire sometimes - 'very often' is more precise - is tainted by politics and the meaning becomes murky. This misuse and deliberate power-snatching associated with the term laissez-faire is very evident in the book by Murray Rothbard, The Betrayal of the American Right.

Honoring our ability to independently investigate the truth necessitates a more thorough exploration of the history of economic thought to see the context of laissez-faire during the periods of history when it was discovered. These were different times. Its discovery was a classic cause and effect observation. When the State intervened, the flow (the naturally occurring flow that can best be described as an ever-advancing civilization) was disrupted. Therefore a 'hands off' and a 'do not meddle' concept of economic science referred to as laissez-faire came into being.

There is a pure form of laissez-faire that also can be found in the history of economic thought but it really did not become crystallized until the emergence of the divine economy theory. In fact the divine economy theory is a synonym for the 'pure form of laissez-faire.' According to the divine economy theory all human intervention into the economy is a corruption since the economy is a reflection of the summation of all human action, and all humans are created in the Image of God. Only One Being is Omnipotent enough to know all the actions and all the reactions and that One being is Infinitely Loving, Merciful, and Just.

The pure form of laissez-faire is the divine economy theory and its origin is the creation of humans in the Image of God. The economy is the ways and means for the manifestation and expression of all of the beauty and potentials of humans to become known in this world. Laissez-faire was the term given to the discovery of the inherent power and potency of the economy. Divine economy theory clarifies both the purity and the origin of laissez-faire.

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