Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Divine Economy Model Uses the Subjectivist Methodology.

Since each person is unique there is only one person who can decide what is best. Each of us has that right and responsibility for our own self. When we act purposefully, exercising our right and responsibility, we do so based on our knowledge - our expertise - about one subject. That subject is ourself.

Subjectivism is based on an acknowledgement that this is how human beings behave. Whatever value a person places on something is derived from their own personal likes and dislikes ranked ordinally relative to other things.

Since humans make decisions subjectively the appropriate methodology for the social sciences is subjectivism. Using the subjectivist methodology leads to the discovery of universal laws that can then be used to understand the economy. The divine economy model is based on subjectivism and it carries forward the classical liberalism tradition.

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