Monday, March 13, 2006

The Consumer is King in a True Democracy!

There is a flood of rhetoric about democracy but that ideal can never be achieved in the political arena. The true democracy is the free market, where each person's purchase is their vote. Those productive members of the community who provide the people with what they want get the most votes. If someone who has served in the past takes the people for granted, serves their own interests without regard to the community, they will stop receiving business (votes).

The beauty of this vision of democracy is that it is a blend of a monarchy and a democracy, in a way. There is a king, someone who is sovereign. It is the consumer who is sovereign. Which means that the same voice of the people (democracy) is the voice of the king!

In a free market all prices are determined from the subjective values of the consumers. The producers use this price information, seeking the votes (purchases) by making the products that people want. They do what the king(s) requests!

It is clear from the divine economy model that intervention into the economy runs counter to democracy and fosters corruption and advances socialism. Socialism and its precursor - interventionism - makes the consumer a peon, dethroning the king.

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