Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Division of Labor Brings Us All of These Things!

Noone out there can pretend to imagine that they could have everything that they use daily by making it themselves. Who can put together a computer, make clothing, produce foodstuffs, discover new medicines, and compose and perform inspiring music, not to mention the plethora of other tasks that we take advantage of?

Each human being is created unique and when that potential becomes expressed through purposeful action something comes into existence that is also unique. It may be a new way of doing an ordinary task which leads to greater productivity, which then frees up resources that are used to make new things. Or it may be an act that leads directly to a new and unique product or service.

We all are the beneficiaries of this aspect of God's grace. Our God-given uniqueness leads to division of labor; and division of labor brings about the tremendous bounty of goods and services that we (perhaps) take for granted.

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