Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Is Real And For Everyone!

No one, any more, thinks that value is restricted to a point of data. If your friend works during the summer for $7.50 per hour that does not mean that your friend is worth that and only that. Your friend has a great sense of humor and musical talent, dabbles in poetry, has some foreign language skills and has gone scuba diving numerous times! Data does not define or contain your friend.

What is needed in economics is a theory that goes beyond the narrow definitions used by most contemporary economic theories. It is time for a theory that comprehends the human potential and applies to the real world faced by us rather than an artificial one created by economists in an effort to compensate for their obsolete methods.

The divine economy theory redefines the core of economics! The equilibrium force that is ever-present and irresistible in the economy is part of God's creation. Humans are 'created in His Image' meaning that they can acquire and reflect the attributes of God and it is through the interaction with each other in the economy that the grace and bounty of God comes to us.

Our ignorance of the process of how the market works and of how to advance our nature is the point where we are at this time in history. Using obsolete theories and methods can only aggravate the problems confronting mankind.

Divine economy theory recognizes the divinely-ordained station of human beings. It recognizes that the economy never reaches equilibrium - which is a state of perfection. But the disequilibrium of the real world that we live in is a state of imperfection, quite useful in permitting us to learn and advance. This realization of contentment is an expression of trust in God especially since it is a proven fact given in the divine economy theory that any and all human intervention into the economy is a corruption which leads to injustices.

The divine economy is for you and me and everyone since it encourages the acquisition of virtues and leads to an ever-advancing civilization.

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