Saturday, December 30, 2006

Divine Economy Theory Serves Rich And Poor Nations.

It is the remedy of economic woes towards which both rich and poor nations aspire. The divine economy theory identifies the malady as interventionism.

The remedy is simply and clearly implied in the divine economy theory - which recognizes that the equilibrating tendency and power of the economy is part of a divine institution that exists because human beings exist. The economy is that divine institution, and it emanates from purposeful human action by human beings who are created in God's Image and who are all a part of the same human family.

Poor nations can best progress in a milieu of private enterprise and investment that is free from the corruption of human intervention. Domestic and foreign investment provide the transformative element necessary for advancement.

Rich nations have all of the vital economic elements present but suffer in direct proportion to the corrupt extractions and manipulations of the interventionists. The only necessary condition for these countries that are already blessed with ample resources or with the presence of all of the economic elements is the exercise of a free economy. This is an economy that handles all the complex adjustments and interrelations by means of the market process. The market process, which is actually the means of communication in the economy, is driven by the equilibrium forces.

The equilibrium forces are what allows the grace of God to reach every human. Intervention into the economy disrupts the flow of the grace of God. The lack of understanding about the divine economy theory and the lack of trust in God is the reason the interventionists take action. But, according to the divine economy theory, every act of intervention is an act of injustice!

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