Monday, December 04, 2006

War/Interventionism vs. Peace/Divine Economy Theory

The stakes are higher than most people care to consider. Since interventionism is a source of corruption it causes conflict. Somewhere, as a result of intervention, there is an outcome that takes on the form of an injustice. As the intervention extends deeper (often in an attempt to correct the injustices generated by earlier intervention) the sense of injustice grows and expands. Directly proportional to the degree of power yielded by the seat of the interventionist is the degree of injustice heaped upon the recipients. This is possibly felt worldwide if the seat of power has worldwide influence. Even if more confined, say to a region or between just two countries, interventionism is guaranteed to cause disunity.

The short of it is that interventionism breeds conflict and is very often, directly or indirectly, the cause of war. These are high stakes to pay for archaic economics. It is not worth the death and suffering. It is not worth the corruption and injustice that continually grows under the deliberate watch of the interventionists.

The divine economy theory clearly demonstrates why interventionism causes conflict and it also addresses the issue of economic methodology. Once the subjectivist methodology of classical liberalism is used, the science of economics can be used to examine all of the various means to see which ones serve mankind with justice and which ones don't.

Peace is the outcome of an economy that follows the principles discovered in the classical liberalism tradition and which now is further advanced by the divine economy theory. Once people feel that they are surrounded by liberty and justice they will not be in conflict.

Emasculating interventionism is a vital step in advancing justice, bringing about peace, eliminating economic ignorance, and laying the foundation for prosperity.

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