Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Divine Economy Theory And World Currencies.

The world is in a shambles. To say it is in a shambles because there is a plethora of currencies is correct; and it is incorrect! There is nothing inherently wrong with a wide diversity of currencies as long as they have real value. That is the crux of the issue.

Yet all these currencies of questionable value do represent a troubled world. Currently the issuing of currency is done for political reasons. What could be more obvious, and more easily understood as a corruption? The issuing of currency is no longer tied to real value. It is part of the posturing done in the name of economic policy, which at best is a corruption known as nationalism. This is a disease, a dis - ease.

Divine economy theory recognizes such intervention as a source of symptoms, symptoms which weaken the ability of the equilibrating power inherent in the economy to align itself. Without knowledge of the divine economy theory the interventionists even react to the symptoms that they created with more intervention which serves to makes things progressively worse.

When the medium of exchange is voluntarily chosen worldwide due to its merits, and then protected from the interventionists, trustworthiness will return to world affairs.

The rich diversity of cultures will begin to recover from monetary hegemony. The historical connection of the culture to its medium of exchange from its earliest days will also enhance the flourishing of culture. If a currency that depicts these traditions emerges this is exciting and interesting and perfectly fine. Since all currencies are defined in terms of the universal medium of exchange which is a commodity that has real value, such as gold, they are universal. Each unit of each of these diverse currencies is simply defined in terms of an amount of gold, as an example. The terms will probably be defined as a unit of weight, like one-tenth of an ounce.

All these currencies are easily interchangeable since they truly represent relative units of the medium of exchange. They are easily interchangeable because trustworthiness will be the hallmark of the world monetary system. The interventionists will be seen as thieves and immediately shunned if they attempt to promulgate their economic ignorance and injustice.

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