Thursday, November 16, 2006

Divine Economy Theory Q&A #4: Isn't Intervention Natural?

Here is the full question: "How do we avoid what I see as the natural and continuous intervention of humans in the world economy? After all, without humans there wouldn't be an economy as we know it."

I have to say that we have entered into a new day for economics. Up until now there may have been no convincingly logical alternative to "Are we going to sit here and do nothing, watching time pass us by?" It is too bad that it has taken us this long to discover the alternative.

The alternative has always been with us but it never was truly exercised beyond the actions of the individual. From the beginning of time people have resolved to put their trust in God, most of the time with conviction and certitude. It wasn't until now that science could confirm that trust in God is the best means to the desired ends of peace and prosperity.

Although trust in God is the alternative it is scientifically and more specifically called the divine economy theory. The divine economy theory has emerged from the classical liberalism tradition. It has elements of both science and religion because human beings act purposefully along the lines of their reality which can be succinctly described as being created in the image of God.

Without this connection and merging of science and religion, equilibrium forces are impersonal and existentialist. The divine economy theory proves that the economy is always in disequilibrium and is always moving towards equilbrium like a moth is irresitably drawn towards the light. The reason is the same in both science and religion - the search for truth.

The system, human creation, is divine and beyond human comprehension. Without trust in God humans attempt to alter a system that is beyond their comprehension. The result is a corruption like the tainting of a healing process by contact with unclean hands.

We avoid intervention from this point forward because it is now a proven scientific fact that all economic intervention corrupts the prosperity potential of humanity.

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