Thursday, November 23, 2006

Divine Economy Theory Is No Longer Fragmented.

As I examine the history of economic thought I am intrigued by the insights of contributors to economic science from the earliest days. Bits and pieces of economic truth come to the surface throughout the timeline of the history of economic thought.

Just as the discoveries made in the classical liberalism tradition appear as statements recorded here and there or as partial statements of economic understanding woven into treatises, so too the divine economy theory has had its fragments scattered throughout the writings of those sagacious individuals who were less than mantic persons.

No longer is the divine economy theory fragmented. That is what I mean when I say that we have entered a new era in economic science. The divine economy theory is now whole. It encompasses the macro and the micro realms of the economy and it - fully - provides an alternative means for economic analysis. The interconnectedness of the divine economy theory is holistically compatible with the spiritual reality of all human beings.

The two most powerful examples of the relevance and completeness of the divine economy theory is the Divine Economy Model © and the Divine Microeconomy Model © which serve as the basis for my first and second books, respectively.

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