Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Is Free From Politics.

There is great merit in the condition of freedom from politics. Politics has two possible meanings to most of us and being released from its grip from either perspective is a great relief.

In everyday vernacular the word 'politics' refers to the manipulative practices of people to gain some advantage. It is not seen as a positive thing.

Another meaning that comes to mind to some is a system of government. But there are many systems of government so the question becomes: Which system of government? Frankly, it doesn't even matter. Regardless of which system the 'feel' of politics varies only in a relative sense along the spectrum of government types. In a system of 'mafia' the 'feel' of politics may be strong, whereas the 'feel' of politics in a system of democracy such as the type in Chicago with its political machine famously in the fairly recent past may be very similar, whereas in a system of nepotism common in local, regional, national and international democracy it may have a lesser 'feel' of politics. Even when this governmental meaning of 'politics' comes to mind it ultimately has a negative connotation also and is actually very similar to the other meaning, just on a different scale.

Divine economy theory is free from politics. It is based upon the scientific understanding that human beings are 'created in His Image." The attributes of God inherent in human beings are best conveyed to others as part of the market process - a process which represents an exchange of knowledge. This process is far more complex than human comprehension since it encompasses the physical world, the intellectual potencies of all humans, and additionally, the spiritual realities of the matrix of humanity. Here is another way to describe how vast this process is - it is divine. It was, is, and always will be a part of God's creation, and it is uniquely a part of the human creation. In other words, the economy is a divine institution.

I needed to describe all of this to you so I could emphasize the point again that this process is infinitely complex, far more than the capacity of human comprehension. Therefore human intervention into the economy is bound to be erroneous. It ends in corruption as you can see in the few examples given above, examples that come from an extremely large list of well known observations.

The foundation of divine economy theory is trust in God. A corollary is the knowledge that human beings are seekers after truth which means that they will eventually abide by the Will of God. All material, intellectual and spiritual incentives move humanity in that direction. Paternalistic politics, unable to comprehend the whole, can only result in corruption and injustice. In other words, there is no role for politics in the economy.

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