Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Defines the Gold Standard.

The only reason there is confusion about the gold standard is because the divine economy has been corrupted by interventionism.

Over the entire span of human evolution alertness to the beneficial outcomes of cooperation lead to the adoption of mediums of exchange. Also over this span of time certain goods were more universally valued. Gold and silver for centuries and millennia served as the mediums of exchange, predominantly.

This happened naturally as an expression of human aspirations and cooperation. Even though humans did not know about economics or equilibrating tendencies, by simply acting according to their inherent nature humans chose gold and silver to serve as great means of facilitation, facilitating prosperity. Although in a relatively primitive state, the divine economy was operating unhampered and the result was a parallel evolution of economic means and civilization.

Then corruption entered in. Simply described, the first ego-driven interventionist decided to debase the stock of currency to illicitly enrich himself. This type of intervention was repeated over and over by various ego-driven interventionists and we began to see civilization go in a different direction. Prosperity weakened as the economy became corrupted and specifically redirected so that it no longer operated as a natural process.

Those who speak around the gold standard in an abstruse manner or those who ignore the gold standard are definitely a part of this system of exploitation. They deny that the economy is a divine institution, expressive of human will and action. They claim that they know what is best for humanity - a fallacious claim - yet they are the ones debasing the stock of currency. They oppose the gold standard because it is the most powerful restriction to their ego-driven aspirations.

The gold standard is simply stated: gold is the commodity most universally accepted and recognized as a medium of exchange. Gold is what was chosen by humanity before the economy was corrupted by the ego-driven interventionists. Gold is not only a very, very good medium of exchange it is also a remedy. It has the tremendous ameliorative ability to purge corruption from the economy. A gold standard halts a great deal of the corruption caused by the ego-driven interventionists. This is why the interventionists seek to minimalize the gold standard.

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