Friday, February 09, 2007

Divine Economy Theory And Poor Nations And Human Rights.

Regardless of how oppressive the government, there is only one way to begin to prosper individually and as a nation. Property rights have to be firmly established and protected.

The oppressive nature of government in these poor nations has to be offset by the wise ones who understand that property rights are human rights. The issue is not an ideological one, it is much more basic. Efforts need to be made to establish some system of justice that protects property rights. The human rights that everyone deserves start as a secure and binding law that makes no exception in its application. If property rights can be skirted in any way by the government then there is nothing, no other law, able to protect human rights.

Talk among yourselves and form an association that consults about a strategy. Find a way to protect your property from the local government officials who lust for your wealth. Find a way to generate peer pressure on the local government officials so they refrain from their confiscatory behavior. As soon as that hurdle is accomplished - it may take several attempts in various places and over a length of time - then develop an operative property right law for the association.

The property right law needs to be simple and clear so there can be no exceptions and it needs to be declared as a human right. This human rights legislation by your association then needs to be sent to as many international human rights forums as possible.

The prosperity that will come within this association needs to be put into capital but the kind of capital depends on how oppressive the government is. If at any time there is a suspicion that the government is going to act coercively, as much as possible commit yourselves to actions that lead to the advancement of human capital within the association. Every action taken that builds on these property rights needs to be thoroughly documented and sent to as many international human rights forums as possible.

Each of these associations needs to find ways to convey this plan of action to additional surrounding areas. Family ties or friendly ties in other locations are good possibilities. Courage and a strong sense of justice are characteristics that will lead to success.

Who wants their human rights violated? No one does! We need to educate ourselves and others that property rights are human rights and that protecting property rights is the only way to guarantee the protection of human rights.

Human rights protection internationally will pressure oppressive nations, from all directions, so first establish your property rights and then make them known.

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