Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Is Aristotelian, Thomist, Yet New!

What this blog title indicates is that there is a long history associated with the divine economy theory. It appeared early in the thoughts of the 'modern' human being, although in bits and pieces, and it endured the test of time.

There have been periods of revision and also of waning but always it makes its way back to the top. The growing interest in subjectivism, classical liberalism, and praxeology is bringing the divine economy theory back to the surface.

This time, however, it is not fragmented. The divine economy theory is whole and it is unfolding rapidly.

Divine economy theory stems from the Aristotelian natural law and it validates the Thomist belief in the influence of God on the process of human civilization. Once again, similar to the Late Scholastic period, the pieces are in place for civilization to advance. But this time the interfering forces are disintegrating while the forces that foster the dawning of a new civilization are emerging.

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