Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An Economics Definition Challenge! Try your definition.

Who can give the simplest definition of the economy (and then also give a few explanatory lines)? Can anyone define the economy in fewer than three words? Can anyone define the economy in three words other than these:

People desire things!

How complete is this definition? At the basic level it identifies that the economy is a human institution (people) which serves to bring together demand (desire) and supply (things). In other words this definition encompasses human action, demand, and supply.

How does it fit with the definition of the divine economy? People are human beings created 'in His Image' and they have both material and ideal needs. The things that supply that need can be material or ideal.

According to the divine economy theory the economy is both a human institution and a divine institution. Human advancement at this point in human history depends on the degree of the transition of thought (to the divine economy theory) and of practice to this newly expounded upon reality - the divine economy.

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