Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Labels Inflation As Embezzlement.

First let's look at the definition of embezzlement: 1. misuse of entrusted money or property; 2. to take for personal use money or property that has been given on trust by others, without their knowledge or permission. If you know what truly causes inflation you will see immediately how well this definition applies.

When money is used the assumption is that it has the value of its denomination. All over the world governments have taken over their respective currencies and redefined them . Initially all money was defined in terms of a certain weight of gold or silver. Eventually each of the various governments declared some fiat currency as their legal tender.

At that point it is the government that is wholly responsible for the maintenance of the value. By law no one else is responsible. If there is a misuse of the monetary unit that takes away its value we know exactly who is to blame - the entity that is supposed to safeguard the legal tender.

In a divine economy it is the market process that safeguards the medium of exchange and so there is no need for legal tender declarations. In a hampered economy the intervening entity is wholly responsible for protecting its declared currency unit.

We all know that to simply print money and release it to others is called counterfeiting. This is unlawful because it is just like stealing. Instead of paying for a good with money received from a productive activity, counterfeiting is printing money and taking goods and services in exchange for something that is worthless.

By definition inflation is embezzlement. Property - goods and services produced - are taken in exchange for counterfeited money that has been given to others, without their knowledge or permission.

What we see happening in the corrupted economy is counterfeiting and embezzlement. Can an economy that runs like this be considered as anything other than corrupt?

In a divine economy there is no justification for any interference from the ego-driven interventionists. In the time of transition to the divine economy the interventionists will be sought after and punished for their criminal acts of counterfeiting and embezzlement. Then, through education, the divine economy theory will become common knowledge. Then at last, the economy will be freed from the ego-driven interventions.

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