Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Redefines Normal!

If you are driving down the road towards a destination and you discover that you are going the wrong way you have three choices: to continue going the wrong way, to stop and give up all hope and desire, or to turn around and find your way. I propose that continuing to go the wrong way is not normal nor is stopping and giving up all hope normal! What is normal is to turn around and find your way.

As the sciences developed and corruption crept into religion there was a very clear need to proceed scientifically in a very focused manner. Advancements in science stimulated further scientific advancements leading to the impression that science and religion were separate and mostly incompatible.

Economic science followed this same road despite the fact that many of the greatest discoveries early in economic history came from contemplation about human action which had been elucidated upon in Scripture. This road of scientific pursuit lead to many specialized approaches but what they all had in common was the fading into obscurity of the spiritual reality of human beings since religion and science were seen as separate. It should be obvious to all that removal or denial of the spiritual reality of human beings makes any of the sciences that study human beings imaginary. Such false and unreal premises render these 'scientific' approaches invalid or at least significantly invalid.

To continue down this road of scientific idle fancy is not normal!

A normal behavior is to turn around with the intention to find the way. The divine economy theory is the direction to take since it uses the subjectivist methodology of classical liberalism and since it gives full glory to the human reality.

It is normal to use science to push understanding to its outer boundaries rather than to construct artificial boundaries! Divine economy theory is redefining normal by reaching into the realm of purposeful human action by spiritual beings.

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