Thursday, February 02, 2006

Law and Order Go Hand in Hand.

Law and order go hand in hand. Implied in order is an operational practice, one that inherently guides people individually and at a higher, more cooperative level. Implied in law is a truth that defines and describes the outcome with a high degree of certainty. The causal relationship is strongly from law towards order.

The most basic right from which springs all others is the property right, defined broadly enough to include the human being. Laws that protect property rights (which are essentially human rights) serve to bring about the divine economy!

When money is counterfeited it violates someone's property or someone's title to property and this is where the practical side of law comes into play - law is there to protect against injustice, such as counterfeiting by governments or individuals.

The divine economy model shows that by violating the foundational element of law (property right/human right), it leads to the atrophy of order, it squelches the human spirit, and it diminishes the transformative power given to us by a Loving Creator.

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