Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Eminent Domain Laws Violate Property Rights!

In the first edition of my first book I did not discuss taxation however I will occasionally touch on this subject in this blog. Taxation is an act of intervention, imposed upon the divine economy, and so it impacts all of the cardinal 'petals' of the divine economy model.

To demonstrate how pervasive and complex are the effects of taxation let us consider eminent domain. Initially taxes are taken from individuals. (This coercive act is a source of grief to the human spirit otherwise it would be voluntarily sent in as a contribution!) Once these taxes form the revenue of the government the assumption is that it pays for services rendered, not for a pool of funding to be used to motivate the government to expand itself and to confiscate people's property.

Eminent domain laws violate property rights. It is a narrowly defined type of taxation directed specifically at owners of pieces of property desired by the government for its purposes. It is such a severe tax that it physically removes the individual from their property. The net tax is the difference between the real market price and the 'fair market price' given by the government. If the property is not on the market because it has great intrinsic value to the owner then this tax, eminent domain, is extremely high.

Property rights are human rights. Laws that actually serve justice protect property rights. Eminent domain 'laws' violate human rights, nor do they serve justice. Eminent domain law is a misnomer and is used by government to confiscate property. By using eminent domain laws the government makes confiscation legal, nevertheless, it is unjust.

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