Friday, February 03, 2006

Dynamic Interplay Between Unity and Justice.

There is a vibrant and dynamic interplay between unity and justice. They are part of the symbiotic nature that comes from human cooperation. There is constant motion in this interplay since we are always learning more about ourselves and others.

Similar to the condition of disequilibrium - where there is perpetual give and take - the forces of unity and justice are 'alive' and active and ever-changing. Dissimilar to the strong tendency that always drives the economy towards a center called equilibrium (functioning much like gravity), the poles of unity and justice advance onward towards a horizon just like our galaxy speeds through space.

In the divine economy model, all of the foundational economic elements are irresistibly drawn by equilibrium forces towards a center designated as the 'divine economy' but the poles of the model - unity and justice - remain impervious to this centering tendency. The force that the poles of unity and justice answer to is 'external' and in a ever-advancing direction.

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