Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Ethics of Entrepreneurship.

If you discover something, say, you are walking along a creek and you find a stone that has an interesting shape, this rightful pleasure is justly yours. This is the ethics of 'finder's keepers' and it applies to entrepreneurship.

If you happen to be one who thinks about the future, in contrast to others who are focusing on the present, and as a result you act in a manner that makes the future better, in all fairness, you deserve to be rewarded. This is the ethics of futurity and it applies to entrepreneurship.

These are aspects of justice that appear in the classical liberalism tradition but that are not yet given the respect that they deserve, in general. The divine economy model demonstrates that when justice is violated somewhere in the system, the outcome will be disunity.

The enigmatic nature of the entrepreneur and ignorance of its relevance is the reason that this type of 'just' compensation is not yet recognized. Part of the enigma comes from the fact that everyone is latently entrepreneurial but that only some are actively entrepreneurial. And part of the enigma stems from the inherent uncertainty and limited knowledge that makes some entrepreneurial actions non-fruitful. Yet without these acts of 'finder's keepers' or 'futurity' things would come to a standstill!

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