Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Human Spirit Aspires to Know!

What is the difference between the human being and the human spirit? A human being is a person. The human spirit is the energizing essence behind the motive to purposefully act.

From its primordial matrix of the human mind and soul the human spirit aspires to know. This is why the axis around which all things revolve in the divine economy model is the 'nature and role of knowledge.' Its nature is for the human spirit to seek knowledge and its role is paradoxically to enable the human spirit to seek knowledge.

This is where there is an interface with the divine - where the human spirit manifests itself in purposeful action. Every instance where there is purposeful action is such an interface with the divine. Regardless of how far along the path of social evolution, whether culturally advanced or barbaric, the human actions that begin the economic processes are expressions of the human spirit.

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