Thursday, August 30, 2007

Environmentalism And The Divine Economy Theory - #2.

Let us assume one of two things:

  1. We are in a natural warming cycle of the planet Earth, similar to ones that have occurred many times before in the ancient history of our planet, or
  2. We are in a warming cycle of the planet primarily caused by excessive human exploitation of the Earth's resources.
Who is the principal beneficiary of the second viewpoint: 'a warming cycle of the planet primarily caused by excessive human exploitation of the Earth's resources?' Look at how the 'problem' is solved to see where the vested interests lie. Unquestionably mandates and regulations are under the control of the interventionists! How convenient!

This intervention at the global scale and at the national scale does not allow for solutions at the local level. First of all if this 'viewpoint' (#2) is not correct then the negative consequences on humans around the globe are imposed in a centralized and bureaucratic manner and intolerate of opposing viewpoints. A more decentralized and localized approach permits the testing of all viewpoints without the large scale consequences.

The interventionists are diametrically opposed to the laws and order of the divine economy theory because all intervention is identified as small-minded and unjust. They cannot imagine a world without their controlling designs.

Even if we ignore the skepticism of over 50% of meteorological scientists (well over 50% are skeptical of man-made global warming) the appropriate solution would be to allow communities to choose their solutions. The communities that choose liberty and well defined property rights will be in harmony with the planet as described by the following appellation: good steward. And these communities will become magnets, attracting attention and leading to emulation.

Of course the challenge of allowing communities to choose liberty and well defined property rights does not only apply to environmental issues but all issues. All of a sudden the house of cards built by the interventionists begins to shake and crumble. Their grip slips and they become exposed as exploiters.

Surely environmentalists love humanity too! Why can you clearly see exploiters of the Earth yet you are blind to the exploiters of humankind? Why are you intolerant of the corruption of pollution while at the same time you nestle up next to the corruption of the ego-driven interventionists?

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