Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Difference Between A Politician And A Statesman.

Universally (that is, it is a common characteristic worldwide) there are many differences between what a politician is and does and what a statesman is and does. Not only are there many differences but the differences are very significant.

Why then are most people not disturbed by these differences? The answer: there are no statesmen (actually there is one in the United States - Congressman Ron Paul). It is difficult to perceive differences when there is nothing to contrast against.

The system that creates politicians and which looks a little different in each and every country is interventionism. Interventionism is within the spectrum of socialism and it includes democracies. There is no high ground for democracies over socialism since they are just different types of interventionism and interventionism is the corrupt system that creates and favors politicians.

Politicians are more accurately described as ego-driven interventionists. They have a time horizon (it varies worldwide depending on term limits) to make their mark, whether that mark is to enrich themselves and their constituents or whether that mark is to adorn the world with their grandiose ego-driven schemes. Regardless, this is the corrupt fruit of interventionism.

The difference between the politician and the statesman has to do with the time horizon and who is being served. The statesman views himself or herself as a steward of that region of the world with a view towards perpetuity. The politician intervenes to direct resources in the direction of particular favored ones as quickly as possible.

The fact that interventionism has become so pervasive that there is no noticeable alternative is alarming but not surprising. Interventionism as a system is a one-way road to serfdom. It becomes more pervasive and oppressive the further you go down the road.

The exciting part of this story is that there is still alive the seeds of statesmanship, of good stewardship. Equally exciting is the fact that these seeds are accessible to everyone because of the internet. If the seeds germinate in enough minds and hearts then David can slay Goliath!

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