Thursday, September 13, 2007

A New Textbook As An Introduction To Divine Economy Theory.

During the process of preparing the Second Edition of DIVINE ECONOMY And Its Real World Economic Principles I have decided to change the format slightly so that it can be also be used as an introductory textbook. The slight changes in format include: a glossary, a concise index, and suggested exercises.

The book can serve well as an introduction to economics since it puts into context the following economic principles: price theory, marginal utility, imperfect knowledge, profit and loss, economic calculation. prices of higher order goods, disutility of labor, competitive theory, division of labor, medium of exchange, time preference, pure rate of interest, savings, monetary theory, entrepreneurship, risk, disequilibrium, willingness to work, leisure, productivity, comparative advantage, capital goods and capital, capital theory, capital structure spectrum, capital in conceptual time and historical time, subjective valuation, consumer sovereignty, purchasing power of money, contracts, and standard of living.

The book also (and uniquely) serves well as an introduction to divine economy theory since it lays out the Divine Economy Model ©. The Second Edition also incorporates into the divine economy theory the concept of production possibilities frontiers in ways never before done. These not only offer plenty of opportunities for 'suggested exercises' but also shed additional light on the consequences of economic policy.

These format changes that make the Second Edition a useful introductory textbook are subtle and will not distract the reader who is reading it for the content rather than as a student. The versatility and groundbreaking nature of this book should make the Second Edition the go to reference for students and seekers after economic knowledge alike.

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