Sunday, August 12, 2007

Environmentalism And The Divine Economy Theory - #1.

Let us assume one of two things:
  1. We are in a natural warming cycle of the planet Earth, similar to ones that have occurred many times before in the ancient history of our planet, or
  2. We are in a warming cycle of the planet primarily caused by excessive human exploitation of the Earth's resources.
The stance of the 'environmental movement' is the second of these two. Although I am not 100% sure this is correct I do know that the blame is pointed in the wrong direction.

First of all it is naive to think that there are not demagogues who will find ways to benefit by promoting themselves as friends of the environment.

Second, why have the 'environmentalists' swallowed 'hook-line-and-sinker' the propaganda that the government is the friend of the environment? Despite all of the fictitious portrayals of 'champions' (referred to as public servants) and fictitious renderings of historical events it is not difficult to see how ownership is far, far greater an incentive to take care of something than the incentives of 'communism.'

Third, who is responsible for the 'forced development' that is happening all over the world? What happens when governments choose fiat currencies so they can artificially stimulate 'growth' to achieve political goals?

Why are the ego-driven interventionists not identified as the cause of the distortions that lead to excessive human exploitation of the Earth's resources?

Is the environmental movement either:
  1. Ignorant of cause and effect - meaning - ignorant of how the economy is being manipulated by the interventionists in such a manner so as to create ecologically unsound consequences?, or
  2. A tool of the ego-driven demagogues, or
  3. Financed directly or indirectly by the interventionists (ie, government funded research) and thereby beholden to the interventionists. Will the dog bite the hand that feeds it? Shame on you if you call your conclusions scientific!
If there is an ecological and environmental crisis looming it is because of the interventionists and all of the distortions caused by their intervention in the economy. That is the true cause.

If the energy of those involved in the environmental movement is directed towards stopping intervention then results will come quickly and the ethics of their efforts will ring true.

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