Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Economic Equations In The Divine Economy Theory! (Part Two)

On June 24, 2007, I presented the first set of equations - to explain the divine economy theory in an encrypted manner.

This time I will show how the divine economy theory differs from the classical liberalism that is often portrayed by contemporary economists and philosophers of the classical liberalism persuasion:

  • DE = CL - Ath + TnG
Here is the descriptive counterpart:

  • The divine economy is the same as classical liberalism (= CL) except minus atheism (- Ath) and plus it firmly rests upon the trust in God (+ TnG).
I argue that the development of classical liberalism from the the very beginning is also part of the parallel development of the divine economy theory. At some points in history the discovery of a concept or principle was perfectly compatible to both classical liberalism and the divine economy theory and so the history of thought of both simply shared that discovery.

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