Sunday, August 27, 2006

How Representative Is The Divine Economy Model © ?

Hopefully everyone realizes that models have limits. But so do words! The Divine Economy Model © offers another perspective which enhances the understanding of how the economy works and it enables us to grasp concepts that are somewhat difficult to describe using words alone.

Consider the painter and the painting. Although the painting is likely to stir the emotions and thoughts of its admirer it still represents only a fragment of the vision of the painter. The painter attempts to capture the vision but cannot contain it on a canvas.

Likewise, the Divine Economy Model © exists in a physical, graphical form and it has parts that are defined as dynamic for the sake of expanding its realism but, in no wise, does it come close to the infinite grace of the divine economy.

That said, the Divine Economy Model © is a vast improvement over what else is out there. It is founded upon classical liberalism principles which means that humans are recognized as subjective creatures so it is far superior to the plethora of empirical models. It is also based on the divine nature of the human reality which then launches economics into the future. Who knows what knowledge will unfold as the theory of the divine economy moves us forward?

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