Monday, August 14, 2006

Eminent Domain Has No Place In The Divine Economy!

If you or someone you know has felt the oppression of the application of eminent domain it is not just a physical setback. It is much more significant! Floating around are terms like tangible and intangible. These do not address the very essence of property rights which is that property rights are human rights.

Can anyone at any place on earth or can any spokesperson speak frankly the words - without serious reproach from a civilized world - the words that say that violating the human rights of someone is perfectly OK if it helps others to acquire wealth?

Eminent domain laws that enable the violation of property rights are laws that violate human rights. When the lawsuit proceeds through the legal system and the rationale for compensation is ultimately set forth the question that needs to be up front and in the open is this: "Is there a price that can be placed on your human rights?" Followed by: Is the violator of your human rights willing to face "crimes against humanity" charges?

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