Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Divine Economy And An Ever-Advancing Civilization.

Soon I will begin using graphics to facilitate the understanding of some of the economic concepts but the use of words to present logic is still very, very powerful and it will remain the main vehicle for the conveyance of meaning.

In DIVINE ECONOMY And Its Real World Economic Principles the idea that the uncorrupted economy would be self-sustaining and in motion in a positive direction, that idea, is presented as an "ever-advancing civilization."

There are many ways to substantiate this. The way I choose now is the use of the 'justice/unity' axis of the Divine Economy Model ©. The axis identity is 'the nature and role of knowledge.' It follows that as long as human beings act like human beings, knowledge necessarily increases and knowledge serves to lead to further increases in knowledge.

If we assume movement to the right is positive (an accretion) then the 'justice/unity' axis continually moves to the right. This represents an ever-advancing civilization.

Intervention sends the 'justice/unity' axis backwards!

The truth of the matter is that it is God's Will that human civilization is ever-advancing! If we stop limiting the divine economy by our feeble-minded human intervention into the economy all of humanity will prosper.

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