Saturday, August 19, 2006

Divine Economy Theory Has Classical Liberalism Roots.

Science is always moving forward. Most often this is a subtle process yet sometimes the forward movement is accelerated. It remains to be seen if economic science progresses slowly or rapidly now; now that there is this new avenue for advancement, which I call the 'divine economy theory.'

Regardless of the future, the 'divine economy theory' emerged from and is compatible with classical liberalism. What this means is that the 'divine economy theory' rests upon their common pillars of property, freedom and peace!

From the viewpoint of the 'divine economy theory' as represented by the Divine Economy Model © it is clearly stated that property rights are the mirror images of human rights. As such there is no excuse for any violation of property rights.

Likewise the 'divine economy theory' clearly demonstrates that human intervention into the economy is a corruption. This is a sure guarantee of freedom since it is only under the condition of freedom that the economy can reach its potential.

It follows then that when human rights are protected and when there is freedom that the outcome is peace. The Divine Economy Model © demonstrates this by its axis of justice and unity supporting the nature and role of knowledge.

To continue the metaphor, the roots of the 'divine economy theory ' are classical liberalism. The buds are just beginning to open and soon there will be leaves and flowers. The fruits that will be produced in the future will be sweet and can be described as an ever-advancing civilization.

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