Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Structure and Time Define Capital !

Everything has structure, of whatever type, and structure is an enabling potency. In the world of existence that we humans dwell, time is another factor. For instance, every day the sun rises and time is recognized as a part of life. These two, structure and time, are strongly evident components of the economy and their intermingling is what defines capital.

Just as we recognize that there is an infinite variety of structures in all of creation it is true also that the capital needed for producing all of the products that people desire, it too, is diverse and various. And that does not even take into account the time element. Some production processes are short and others are lengthy. The capital structure is really an infinitely intricate latticework of both structure and time and it is also dynamic.

The complexity of the capital structure may divert attention away from its purpose and function. In the divine economy model it is the transformative element. Just as individuals seek transformation, all of the factors that are a part of the economy are irresistably and subtly transformed, ultimately serving the needs of those earthly 'images' of the Creator - human beings.

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