Sunday, January 29, 2006

The market is a process!

The market is a process that serves the whole of mankind in a similar way as language. It is the vehicle that transmits vital information and consequently brings about order. It is the social expression of all of the purposeful actions taken by human beings.

The market represents a potential in the same way that human beings have a glorious potential. The only way for the market to move the system closer to its ideal is for human beings to make advancements in their divine nature which would then be reflected in the market. Any illusory efforts made (intervention) to refine the market, that does not come from a change in human potential, causes some kind of destruction.

By the definition of the divine economy, as seen simply in the divine economy model, it is not possible to separate the divine nature of human beings (their birthright) from its expression in the market. The market then brings about order in the world. In a real sense, the order in the world ultimately expresses the maturity, implying to a large extent the spiritual maturity, of mankind.

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