Saturday, January 28, 2006

Justice and unity are the poles !

Opposite poles attract! Poles that are opposite each other can be seen as inversions of each other or thought of as mirror images - one cannot exist without the other. So it is with the poles that are a part of the divine economy model.

The poles that serve to define and bind together the divine economy model are unity and justice! These are powerful laws, for a lack of a better word, that are necessarily a part of the divine system which has at its heart the divine creature, the human being.

Of course we are talking about potentials. We are talking about the potential of the human being, and we are talking about the potential of the system.

The axis that connects these poles is 'the nature and role of knowledge' which is expressed most fully when free from interference. Since it is a divine system there is the need for trust in God, else, the imperfect knowledge that is also a part of the human operating system will cause injustice and/or disunity.

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