Thursday, January 26, 2006

Entrepreneurs are the actively alert agents in the economy !

Human beings are irresistably human beings. Just as there is the law of gravity in the natural world, in the human realm there is an irrepressible law for human beings to perceive. We are perceptive. As it happens, if someone perceives that circumstances can be improved then action is taken along those lines.

Although there is this ability to perceive, as part of the human operating system, yet it is either latent or operating within a small sphere in most people. There is, however, a small percentage of people who are actively seeking the opportunities that appear throughout the domain of scarce resources and across the time horizon, and who serve to bring to fruition what is needed to meet the unlimited needs and wants. These individuals are entrepreneurs, the actively alert agents in the economy.

In the divine economy model, latent and active entrepreneurship is the matrix out of which come sparks generated by the active entrepreneurs and leading to an energizing of all of the economic processes.

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