Sunday, July 08, 2007

Trustworthiness And Divine Economy Theory!

It is easy to see how far the economy has been diverted from its course when we look at trustworthiness as an indicator. Most people reading up to this point have in their minds the culprit. Most people have swallowed hook, line and sinker the 'propaganda' of government-funded education. Contrary to what most think the source of the problem is not the market forces nor is it the entrepreneurs or the capitalists!

All of these agents of the economy depend on the operation of trustworthiness in the business that they bring to all of us. If there is a hint of untrustworthiness a new loop will form that excludes the untrustworthy entity. So it is and so it must be. Caution is the watchword since as the saying goes: one bad apple can spoil the bushel! This is how the world of commerce works, that is, if it is not perverted by interventionism.

And so we come to the issue of perversion and its source. There is no moral authority for intervention in the economy. The government, when it intervenes, creates two classes of people: 1). the political class and its agents, and 2). those who are its victims. I use the word victim because wealth acquired by political means (confiscatory) is either by parasitism or predation.

The politicians act in a untrustworthy manner because they make promises that they cannot fulfill without coercion or theft. Never do they speak about how they will use their own personal resources to accomplish their proclamations. Instead they make promises that confiscate the wealth of the victim class.

And since intervention creates two classes, the powerful political class then creates an education system that falsely accuses the victim class. This is another untrustworthy act by the interventionists.

The interventionists portray our friend as our enemy and our enemy as our friend!

The divine economy theory explodes this fallacy. It raises trustworthiness to its rightful place and makes outcasts out of those who act dishonorably and immorally. It annihilates the class system created by the politicians (interventionists) and sets the stage for the decency of the righteousness of commerce to emerge; away from the perverse incentives created by the interventionists.

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