Sunday, July 15, 2007

Prosperity In The Divine Economy Theory - First Perspective!

For those of you not familiar with the Model of the Divine Economy © I refer you to this specific blog entry. Notice the center and its designation and notice the circle of text around the center.

The text encircling the center is 'Latent and Active Entrepreneurship.' What is important is to know what I mean by entrepreneurship in the divine economy theory. It is alertness. Sure - entrepreneurship is an economic concept but it is a concept that describes the human reality. Humans are seekers by nature!

As such the concept of entrepreneurship is greater than a narrow definition given in contemporary economics. It is the human potential of alertness. Sometimes it is obviously economic like when it is applied to goods and services. Yet it is always a part of the human operating system. If it is not being exercised it is simply latent rather than absent.

Now, return to the vicinity of the circle of latent and active entrepreneurship in the model. It is in intimate proximity with the center - the force of equilibrium in the economy - that is, the divine economy.

The thoughts of inspiration, of invention, and of discovery come in moments of contemplation or meditation and these are basically the act of capturing 'things' from the invisible world and bringing them into the visible world.

Manifesting these 'gifts' in the material world as new ideas or new techniques is the source of prosperity from that moment forward.

It does not come from any other source. That is why intervention is harmful to the economy. Intervention is like adding layers and layers of veils between the alert entrepreneurs and the source of prosperity.

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