Saturday, June 09, 2007

Divine Economy Ethics And Intervention.

When I introduced the Divine Economy Model © in 2005 in my first book, DIVINE ECONOMY And Its Real World Economic Principles, I knew there was great depth in the model and great depth in the theory behind the model. Very evident in the model was the absence of an economic role for government.

Another way of saying the same thing is: in the divine economy theory all intervention is external and a source of corruption!

Now the divine economy theory has developed even further - it now encompasses ethics - since both economics and ethics are products of human action and human thought. This development is quite insightful and it adds even more power to the argument that there is no moral authority justifying intervention into the economy.

Increasingly it will become more and more difficult for the interventionists to make their claims that they can touch the economy and not do harm! Increasingly those who have aspirations to be interventionists will be faced with the choice of either being seen as untrustworthy or as economic ignoramuses.

In a very real way there are equilibrium forces always at play in the dynamic economy. Once knowledge and truth become evident (and it has in the divine economy theory) the invisible force of equilibrium will swing the pendulum back with increasing resistence to the errors of those with corrupt intentions, negating the falsity and perversity of these dark days of economic ignorance (intervention).

As the momentum changes the interventionists will be easily identified and increasingly shunned. And the diseased conditions brought about by intervention will be ameliorated by the equilibrium forces. This is all a part of the process.

The process I am speaking of is the blending of the means and the ends. As implied in the divine economy theory the means is the divine economy and the ends is the divine economy!

The scientific merging of economics and ethics as delineated in ETHICS of the Divine Economy enables and proves this new realization.

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