Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Is A Necessary Ideological Shift!

Metaphorically speaking, if you are stuck in the mud you need to shift into a gear that can take you out of the quagmire! Who among you can look at the economic conditions in the world today and not see the appropriateness of this analogy of being stuck in the mud or being in a quagmire?

The shift that is necessary is an ideological one. The shift that is necessary is one that recognizes the full potential of human beings. Ideologically the shift is away from atheism and away from the errors of interpretation that have been thrust upon humanity in the past.

No one is saying that this is an easy task. It cannot and will not be done without there being a reason.

And so we come to the first hurdle - reason. If you are unaware of the basis of the divine economy theory then you cannot exercise your reasoning powers to examine the divine economy theory.

What are the reasons for not investigating? Scientific and academic orthodoxy! Partisan politics! Prejudice and fear! Other reasons!

One of the characteristics of an ideological shift is the courage of those involved. If it takes courage to overcome the above given reasons for not investigating, and if you can muster enough courage to investigate, then you may decide to courageously work towards bringing about the ideological shift needed for justice and human prosperity.

The challenging question is: Is there a need for an ideological shift and does the divine economy theory fulfill that need?

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