Saturday, December 05, 2009

Why Not Just Call It "Capitalism?"

Words, new or not, have limitations which is the whole reason why models are used to supplement our descriptive power and our understanding.

The first subjectivist model that I developed, which is the foundation for "MORE THAN LAISSEZ-FAIRE", is first introduced visually as a four-petaled flower with a center. Or you could imagine the four cardinal directions (N, S, E, and W) but with a center. Here are the four elements: Imagine south as the Human Spirit, north as Transformation, east as Order, and west as Law. The center is what in the economic literature has been called equilibrium, which is what acts on all of these, and which I label as 'divine economy.'

Like I said, words have limitations so I suggest that you refer to the model(s) to get a better sense of what I mean by 'divine economy.'

One reason I don't simply call it 'capitalism' is because it is more encompassing. When talking about capitalism no one suggests that we just call it 'savings.' They are not incompatible but they are not the same thing either.

Although in a way this model may sound simplistic but the model is developed further. For example, the model I mentioned to you above is two dimensional - even though identifying the elements is profound in and of itself - but in a handful of pages in Chapter Two it goes from a two dimensional model to a five dimensional model.

Do not be alarmed because every aspect of these models is subjective. That is one of the most revolutionary and remarkable things about the divine economy theory.

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