Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Which Came First, Ideology Or Ego-Driven Interventionism?

As far as ego-driven interventionism is concerned the interventionist ideology did not come first. Whenever it started - and then later became an ideology - it started because someone was overcome by their ego and convinced themselves that they had the knowledge and the ability to 'do' the economy better than its own divine nature (of which laissez-faire is a weaker understanding of this phenomenon).

This perverse ideology of ego-driven interventionism, no doubt, encourages certain people - such as politicians and 'economists' - along these lines of action. Except for extreme cases I identify these individuals not as evil but as without a 'proper education.'

It is time for ego-driven interventionism to come to the forefront of the discussion so that a proper education can be received and interventionism halted. Although it is implied in the classical liberalism literature (although maybe some do not think that it is), as far as I can tell I think that I am the first one to label it as such and thereby pinpoint the precise cause of the attempt to destroy the spirit of laissez-faire economics (which I have further refined and defined as the divine economy).

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