Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Quote About Divine Economy Theory - The Market.

"The market is a conveyor of information just as is language. The following analogy is useful.

Individually I speak to myself alone or I can more fully use language and speak with others. The full benefits of language as a human endowment come from its social nature. If I happen to speak vulgarly, language as a human institution should not be attacked as being harmful. In fact, the social nature of language empowers it to have a moderating and refining influence on individuals, thereby lessening the occurrence of vulgarity.

The market, likewise, releases the full benefits of the human spirit and all of the associated resources. If someone acts in a crude or frivolous manner it is not the fault of the market. In fact it is the social nature of the market that will tend to moderate and refine individuals, ultimately facilitating the advancement of civilization."

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