Sunday, January 27, 2008

Divine Economy Theory And Worldwide Prosperity!

Instead of the free flow of information there is blockage. Instead of the grace of God reaching everyone on this planet there are many bottlenecks and there are many diversionary tactics that confiscate the wealth generated by the grace of God.

The blockage and the bottlenecks and the diversionary tactics are all man-made. They are all just the different variations of interventionism exercised by those humans who lust after power and who are ignorant of the sacredness of the economy.

The divine economy theory proves that there is no moral authority for interventionism and it proves that the grace of God will reach everyone quickly and effectively when the economy is unhampered by parasitic interventionists. The economy is a reflection of the human reality and it functions like a language, serving as the means of conveyance of all of the information necessary to satisfy the universal economic reality of ‘People desire things!’

Interference with the organic and automatic and divine nature of the economy, motivated by self-serving or ignorant interventionists, lessens the prosperity potential for everyone, that is, except the ego-driven interventionists. They are like embezzlers draining the wealth from the economic system to enrich themselves.

There are many ways to improve the economy, for example by strengthening private property rights, but the first and foremost step that needs to be taken is to expose the fraudulent practice of intervention and to stop the theft of the interventionists. The divine economy theory is very useful in this regard. It is stronger than the laissez-faire stance or the free market stance because it proves that the economy is a divine institution. Since the economy is a divine institution all human interference or intervention is a corruption. This is the economic truth, pure and simple!

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