Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Second Edition Slightly Delayed Due To The Ron Paul Candidacy.

I am making good headway on the Second Edition of DIVINE ECONOMY And Its Real World Economic Principles but I will not meet my personal goal of this year's end. I like how everything is falling into place but I am probably a month away from completion.

One unforeseen 'change in the landscape' has been the exciting emergence of Ron Paul as a viable Presidential candidate. I have been a supporter of the statesmanship of Ron Paul ever since I became an Austrian economist in 1985. So I have been paying quite a bit of attention to his campaign and all the creative efforts of his supporters.

In other words, instead of working on my book I have spend considerable time watching Youtube features and writing blog entries in defense of Ron Paul.

Since I will be publishing the Second Edition as an eBook my deadline is flexible. The sooner I publish the sooner I can put together a marketing strategy for my trilogy on the divine economy theory.

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