Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Classical Liberalism Reforms During This Transition Period.

We are living in an age that is at the boundary of a new era. There are inadequecies that are becoming more and more problematic and more and more obvious. How can we overcome this crisis? There is one standard that has always lead to an advancement of civilization and that is classical liberalism. As the concepts and principles of classical liberalism are applied to the contemporary inadequacies the problems will be resolved.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the current political arena in the United States. Ron Paul is a classical liberal and a distinguished statesman for 20 years. When he speaks about the issues he is seen as far distant from the other voices. Before the logic of his advice sinks in, the diametric nature of his solutions causes some to say he is a 'kook.' But once the initial shock abates the logic and truth of his classical liberal solutions resonates. What becomes clear is that all of the problems have come from deviations from the principles of classical liberalism, which in America were embedded in the Constitution.

Another transitional phase of this period for classical liberalism is in economic science. By definition classical liberalism has rejected empiricism and instead it recognizes the subjectivist methodology for the human sciences. However there is one deficiency during this transitionary period that will have to be remedied. The remedy for economic science is the abolition of atheism.

The divine economy theory is an example of classical liberalism in its new form, ready for the new era, a golden era of liberty, peace, and justice. That is where classical liberalism leads!

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