Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Divine Economy Theory Will Greatly Serve Mankind.

The divine economy theory does not affiliate itself with any particular religion, it is the ultimate outcome of each divine revelation. The dispensation ushered in by each revelation from God bears fruit, culminating in a divine civilization. The workings within that divine civilization rest upon the divine teachings about the spiritual essence of fellow human beings, and the trust in God.

Since human action has the potential to be guided to be in line with the Will of God, a divine civilization can emerge that operates by using means to attain ends. If the means are evaluated and chosen according to the guidance given for that Dispensation then the economy is a divine economy. Of course the ends chosen are also influenced by the Word of God for that Day of God.

This is where economic science can contribute a great deal. It is independent of any religion yet it can identify the source of value and it can examine the different means to determine which ones serve everyone with justice. This is how the divine economy theory will greatly serve mankind.

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